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4 min readNov 10, 2022

In a short time, Octo Gaming has reinvented and revolutionized the play-to-earn sector with a reward system that incentivizes players to improve their skills rather than buy into P2E models that ultimately bleed their wallets dry. Read further to learn more about why players are betting big on themselves by using the Octo app.

Not the New Kid On the Block

While Octo Gaming is a relative newcomer to Web3 gaming, the Web2 app has been in the business of offering prizes and rewards for video game fanatics for many years. Octo Gaming enables players to monetize their in-game skills by betting on themselves when facing off against other gamers. Each player wagers a certain amount of in-game currency known as Golds. Note, Web 2 players cannot redeem Golds for fiat. However, they can trade it in for incredible prizes through one of Octo’s many partner brands, such as Lenovo, Logitech, Amazon, Playstation, Google Play, and others. Octo NFT holders can redeem their golds for $SOL.

Octo Gaming’s in-game free betting system is simple and easy to use, making it the perfect platform for casual and hardcore gamers alike. It provides players access to games such as: Octo Hoop, Octo Jump, Octo Ninja, and Flappy Octo.

Octo NFTs: Rewards-Based Utility That Makes Sense

Are you a Web3 gamer that is fed up with the plethora of unsustainable play-to-earn models in the space? Octo Gaming is the remedy you seek. Not only can you enjoy the same reward opportunities as Web2 players, but as an Octo NFT holder, you’re entitled to exclusive benefits such as a number of in-game boosters. More on the Octo NFT collection and leveling up your NFTs can be found through this link.

Score-to-Earn: The Octo app Leaderboard & Liquidity Pool

Web3 gamers have an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through the Octo app. The platform’s native token, OCTOKN ($OTK), is built on the Solana blockchain and is the foundation of Octo Gaming’s score-to-earn model. That’s right, we said score-to-earn and not play-to-earn; Here’s why:

Players’ scores are displayed on a leaderboard each week based on how well they compete against others. Games change from one week to the next, and so does the leaderboard, as it resets with each passing week. Therefore, the amount of OCTOKN a player receives depends on where they rank on the leaderboard and this doesn’t exclude the pot for the top 3 or even top 5. Approximately 50% of players on the leaderboard are eligible for rewards — ensuring all users enjoy an equitable gaming experience.

OCTOKN rewards are funded by a liquidity pool that increases in size as more users join in the fun and spend their $OTK in the app. As a result, the pool distributes revenue via in-app player spending. Please keep in mind that although players are encouraged to invest in the pool to increase their chances of winning, the ultimate metric that will determine their success is their skill and participation. This guarantees that all players, including those with limited capital, have an equal opportunity to earn rewards.

There are plenty of reasons why a player should acquire more OTK. Players can spend their tokens to level up their NFTs and boost their chances of winning in the following ways:

  • Octo NFT level up
  • Diamond NFT fusion
  • Chest unlock
  • Octo NFT mint
  • Premium stake
  • Cosmetics
  • Skins & avatars
  • NFT Health recharge
  • Passive revenue generation via OCTOKN staking rewards

It’s Time for Play-to-Earn To Live Up to its Namesake

The Octo app has disrupted the P2E space with a revenue model that rewards players through two unique avenues: Getting ranked on the leaderboard to earn OCTOKN tokens through the Score to Earn model and earning golds in PvP contests for physical goods, gift cards, NFTs from other collections, and crypto (for NFT holders) through the Play to Earn model. And with a platform that bases reward distribution on a user’s skill rather than how much they invest, you can be sure that all players enjoy an opportunity-rich Web2 and Web3 gaming experience.

About Octo Gaming

Formerly BetOnYou, Octo app is the first smartphone app that enables you to earn rewards while playing video games. The platform includes several in-app games. Octo Gaming’s dual reward system, Score-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn, has revolutionized the GameFi sector offering Web2 and Web3 players the opportunity to earn tangible goods, NFTs, and cryptocurrency rewards.

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