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2 min readApr 13, 2023

With the release of our latest game, we also decided to release our secure non-custodial wallet for Solana-based assets that provides users with the flexibility of self-custody. The current version of the wallet is the first version of what we are building, and it comes with exciting features to help you manage your Solana assets related to Octo, but can be a bit wierd to use at first glance.

We remind you that the secret key & seed phrase are stored on your phone and not on our servers, allowing maximum security for users, but require some understanding on how it works.

We already received a lot of your feedback and support for this exiting functionality, thanks a lot for that!

We are commited based on your feedbacks, to improve down the road the overall interface and functionalities of it.

This article will detail you what we are recommending you to do based on your situation and your decisions.

1) For Users with Octos Already in Another Wallet interface such as phantom

If you already have Octos NFTs in a different wallet, such as Phantom, you can still access them through the Octo Wallet.

Simply make sure your NFT(s) are located in the default public key of the wallet, as Solana creates multiple addresses at the creation of a seed phrase.

Then, export your seed phrase into the Octo Wallet. This way, you’ll be able to access your funds through both Phantom and Octo Wallets.

However, if your NFT(s) are located in another public address, your funds won’t appear in the Octo Wallet.

We are working on an update that will allow you to select which address you want to display in your wallet.

2) For Users Who Don’t Have Octos, OTK and even a Solana Wallet Yet

If you don’t have any Octos or OTK yet, you can create a wallet through the Octo Wallet and export the seed phrase to another wallet interface, such as Phantom.

From there, you will be able to transact funds and NFTs with third-party protocols such as Magic Eden or Raydium.

It’s important to always have your seed phrase safely stored, not just for the Octo Wallet, but for any type of self-custody wallet on any blockchain.

3) For Users with OTK/Octos NFT on Phantom Wallet but hold in Another Address with all the same seed phrase

If you have OTK/Octos NFTs on a Phantom Wallet, but they’re stored in another address than the default one, you have two options.

First, you can generate a new wallet through the Octo Wallet and send funds into it.

Alternatively, you can send your Phantom funds from the non-default address to the first (default) address of your Phantom.

Once you’ve done this, your funds will be displayed in the Octo Wallet.

— -

We’re thrilled to receive such great feedback on the app, the game, and everything that’s coming to the app.

The Octo team is committed to shipping great updates to the app soon for better functionalities and interface, so stay tuned!



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