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Welcome to Octo Gaming, the revolutionary gaming platform that allows you to earn real-life rewards while playing video games. We are excited to announce that we are offering an airdrop to our community members.

An airdrop is a way for us to distribute our tokens, called OTKs, to a wide range of players for free. By participating in our airdrop, you will receive a certain number of OTKs directly into your digital wallet after the launch of the token. These tokens can then be used to participate in our gaming ecosystem and access a variety of functionalities and benefits within the Octo app & ecosystem.

As a member of Octo Gaming community, you will have the opportunity to play games and earn valuable rewards such as the latest Logitech keyboards, gift cards, and other physical and digital gifts. Additionally, our players can also participate in our weekly leaderboard competition, where they can win even more OTK and other prizes.

Participating in our airdrop is completely free and there will be multiple phases of Octo airdrops.

Octo Airdrop 1, which is the subject of this article, is called Octo Airdrop Codes and is attainable for everyone.

Users have to enter a unique and single usage code into the Octo app to get eligible to the OTK AIRDROP, planned after the TGE (release of the token on the market) in the coming weeks. This airdrop will credit the same amount of OTK to all registered users. As long as you registered a Code into the app, you are sure to be eligible to the Airdrop of OTK.

In addition, by participating in our airdrop, you will be joining a community of like-minded Players who are passionate about gaming. As a community member, you will have the opportunity to connect with other members, share ideas, and play together to drive fun in the space.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of Octo Gaming community and receive some of our valuable tokens for free.

How to participate in Octo Airdrop 1?

How to get Codes

  • Get a code from another registered user
  • Get it on socials from official Octo Gaming Partners, especially on Twitter

How to insert Codes

  • Click on the money bag icon
  • Enter the Code into the dedicated session
  • If the code you entered is valid you will get a validation popup, If not your code might be already used

Share your own Airdrop code to your friends

  • Once the code you entered is validated, you will get your own referral code for this airdrop. Click on the icon next to the code to copy in your clipboard.
  • If the fresh new code doesn’t appear, you might need to close the app and reopen it. This is due to high traffic on the app.
  • You can share your code to anyone you like! This code is a different one from yours, but will grant the same amount of OTK as you.
  • Octo Gaming recommends you to share this code and be sure that this user register it properly

Once you have entered your code and that you are eligible for the Airdrop campaign, make sure to link your wallet to the Octo app

  • Go back to your profile
  • Click on “see wallet address”
  • Send 0.001 SOL to the SOL address mentioned to link your wallet where you want to receive your Airdrop of OTK
  • Your wallet will be verified within a few minutes after the transaction and you are sure to receive your airdrop

Some Airdrop Codes here (they might be already used)

  • we6kaTiz
  • GDkqgGfH
  • U5KbEEdL
  • dCnnJS1e
  • tXKjggdK
  • 87XUvcty
  • JHyhMVuD
  • UqC4m57v
  • tKwWhvVV
  • GtVj4J2P
  • 6Yj623bs
  • ZscsPSTy
  • vDCsgXEf
  • aR6uBjom
  • UkabM94u
  • VfMbi47q
  • TsUg5LKu
  • qgnYSuDN
  • 3ajEn77X
  • Q9UGqyAa

Be ready for Airdrop 2

Octo Airdrop 2 will be for holders of The Octos NFTs based on the amount of Octos NFTs they hold (https://magiceden.io/marketplace/the_octos)

Airdrop 2 will be much bigger than airdrop 1 so traders who are eligible will get significantly more OTK, but you can accumulate both.

This Airdrop 2 mechanism ensures that users who support Octo collection will be the ones who get the most tokens and usages within the app.

This Airdrop 2 will have its own dedicated article later on.

What is Octo Gaming

Octo Gaming is a competitive social gaming platform with 3 million downloads available for free download on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store that enables users to monetize their time spent playing video games: https://app.adjust.com/ni9zsw7.

Already 6 games are available on the app with over 1 million matches played per month, allowing players to earn real life prizes offered by brand partners and cryptocurrencies playing competitive mini games.

The team has partnered with 30+ major web 2 brands (Lenovo, Logitech, DXRacer) and blue chip NFT collections. Octo Gaming has the ambition to become the major hub for hyper casual Play and Earn games.

Here is some key figures about Octo Gaming:

- 3 million downloads worldwide

- Daily Active Users: 30K

- Monthly Active Users: 300K

- 50 million matches played by the users on the app

Download Octo Now on IOS & ANDROID : https://app.adjust.com/ni9zsw7

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