Octo is thrilled to introduce the release of our latest game “ABC — Origon” in partnership with the Solana NFT collection ABC (Abracadabra). This collection, with its 10,000 unique and immutable NFTs, is all about reminding players of the fun and magic of childhood, and “ABC — Origon” perfectly embodies this sentiment with its exciting and immersive gameplay.

In “ABC — Origon”, players take on the role of a child riding a fierce red dragon, as they embark on a journey through a magical and fantastical world, taking on a variety of enemies in a survival-style game. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, racking up points by burning enemies and outlasting your opponents in 1v1 matches against real players.

The dragon has a health bar of 100 HP, and players will encounter three different types of enemies: the staber, the witch, and the T-rex, each with their own unique abilities and damage dealt.

The Staber

The Staber is a melee enemy, which deals 15 points of damage in contact. These enemies are fast and agile, and players will need to use quick reflexes to avoid them.

The Carrot Witch

The Witch is a ranged enemy that casts carrots, dealing 25 points of damage. These enemies are tricky to avoid, and players will need to use strategy and timing to dodge their attacks.


The T-rex is a heavy enemy that casts small cars, dealing 50 points of damage. These enemies are slow but powerful, and players will need to use a combination of speed and strategy to take them down.


To add an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game, players will also have the chance to loot bonuses randomly at the death of enemies. The Star bonus will heal 10 HP to the dragon, while the Sun bonus will increase the dragon’s DPS for a few seconds.


The game is designed to be immersive and engaging, with beautiful graphics and a thrilling soundtrack that will transport players to a world of magic and wonder. The game’s map is also filled with different zones, such as underwater zones and lava zones, which deal damages to the dragon.

Lava causes 16 HP per seconds, water 8 HP per seconds. Some bridges are present on the map to walk through these dangers without taking damages.

But that’s not all. Players will be allowed to use their Octo NFTs (https://magiceden.io/marketplace/the_octos) to unlock ABC new in-game functionalities and content, making the game even more immersive and engaging. This partnership is a perfect fit for Octo’s mission to bring innovative and fun gaming experiences to players of all ages, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

Don’t wait, join the adventure and start playing ABC — Origon to experience the magic of childhood once again in a thrilling and engaging new way.

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About ABC Collection

ABC — Abracadabra is a collection of 10K immutable NFTs, 0% royalties. Made to remind you of how fun things were when we were kids, before growing up — let’s never stop having fun! *This project has no official Twitter or Discord

More informations here : https://linktr.ee/abc123community

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The team has partnered with 30+ major web 2 brands (Lenovo, Logitech, DXRacer) and blue chip NFT collections. Octo Gaming has the ambition to become the major hub for hyper casual Play and Earn games.

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