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Octo Gaming, the leading mobile gaming hub on Solana, has recently released a new game called “Origon”, in partnership with the NFT collection ABC. This game is a culmination of two months of hard work, testing, and collaboration with HGE and Frank from Hadeswap.

We always wanted to develop a survival game, and the opportunity came up.

HGE and Frank were thrilled with the concept, their passion and expertise in gaming helped us creating a truly immersive experience.

The launch on the socials has been a real success:

And the announcement was supported by Solana. Octo makes the Solana ecosystem shine and enables huge mass market adoption for SOL:

Video announcement

The making of the video announcement for the ORIGON game was an exciting experience for the team.

Our designer spent two days hand-cutting and drawing the paper character and taking multiple shots of the character in order to create the animated video.

The team was thrilled to see the end product, and were eager to share the video with the world.

The video was the perfect way to showcase the game and create excitement for the upcoming release.

It was an amazing process to witness.

Enjoy the art here: https://twitter.com/Octo8gaming/status/1626220792676745218

Origon Art & Gameplay

The story behind Origon is a whimsical and exciting one. The game is set in the world of ABC NFTs, where an Octo falls asleep and dreams of being a kid mounting a red dragon (which is the cover of the ABC collection as you guys know already) and saving the ABC world.

The enemies are inspired directly from three types of enemies originating from NFTs in the collection. As the player navigates through the dream world, they must make strategic moves to survive and get various bonuses.

One of the most critical aspects of the game’s development was the art direction. We worked closely with HGE and Frank to ensure that the game’s visuals matched the whimsical story and transported players into the dream world.

From the lush, colorful environments to the detailed character designs, we wanted the art direction of Origon to be truly breathtaking while being 100% 2D and respecting the original material.

In terms of gameplay, Origon is a departure from the very quick and easy-to-play games we have previously released. While still relatively short compared to most survival games, Origon offers a more challenging and immersive experience, with longer games sessions that require strategic thinking to navigate.

We took two months to develop and test Origon to ensure that it was free from bugs and glitches. Our aim was to provide a fun and engaging experience that players could enjoy without the frustration of technical issues. We are thrilled to see that players have been enjoying the game since its release, and we are committed to providing ongoing support and updates to ensure that the game continues to run smoothly.

Origon is a game that we at Octo are incredibly proud of.

From the story to the art direction and gameplay, it is a testament to the passion and expertise of the Octo team, HGE, and Frank.

We are excited to continue creating innovative and engaging gaming experiences and are looking forward to collaborating with other NFT collections to take Octo Gaming to the next level.

In-game statistics after 1 week

The game as been played more than 70 000 times on Octo, what represents more than 132 cumulative days spent playing Origon!

More than 14,000 people entered the leaderboard for a chance to share 5,000 Hades, Golds and Octos NFTs!

More NFTs asking to join the Octo Family

At Octo Gaming, we are always looking to innovate and create new gaming experiences.

Since the release of Drop Out, we have received a lot of demand from other NFT collections and projects, and we are excited to announce that we are preparing some big things for the near future.

We are open to collaborating with other NFT collections to develop unique games that showcase the strengths of their collections and offer our players new and exciting experiences, and onboard everyone under the Octo Wave.

Airdrop Codes

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What is Octo?

Octo Gaming is a competitive social gaming platform with 3 million downloads available for free download on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store that enables users to monetize their time spent playing video games: https://app.adjust.com/ahfsfd4.

Already 7 games are available on the app with over 1 million matches played per month, allowing players to earn real life prizes offered by brand partners and cryptocurrencies playing competitive mini-games.

The team has partnered with 30+ major web 2 brands (Lenovo, Logitech, DXRacer) and blue chip NFT collections. Octo Gaming has the ambition to become the major hub for hyper casual Play and Earn games.

Here is some key figures about Octo Gaming:

  • 3 million downloads worldwide
  • Daily Active Users: 30K
  • Monthly Active Users: 300K
  • 50 million matches played by the users on the app

Download Octo Now on IOS & ANDROID and Play Origon Now: https://app.adjust.com/qt575gt

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